Adult Lap Swimming is Here!

We are happy to announce that Adult Lap Swimming is now available at the Y!

Two types of Adult Lap Swimming are available:

(A) – Three lanes with 1 person per lane for each 45-minute session
(B) – Three lanes with 2 people per lane. Circle swimming with opposite start/finish ends for each 45-minute session

Participant numbers are dramatically reduced but require reserving pool time. No locker room usage is available. However, one rinse shower and four changing areas are available on the perimeter of the pool deck.

All members are required to wear face coverings the entire time they are located anywhere in the facility except while in the pool. As soon as you exit the pool, you must put your mask on.

Lifeguards are not required to wear a mask while guarding per the NJ Department of Health.

If you wish to participate in adult lap swimming, you must have an active membership with us. To reactivate your membership, please email Nancy Dunham: