Counselor in Training (11th – 12th Grades)

Monday – Friday | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Our CIT (Counselors-in-Training) Program is ideal for teens interested in a career with children. Hands-on training under the supervision of camp staff allows for interaction with young campers each morning. Mornings will also allow time for group workshops with the CIT Coordinator. Afternoons, CITs will be placed in areas to help facilitate Elective/Choice Time with campers. Each CIT will receive a written evaluation for each session. Must complete an interview with the Camp Director prior to acceptance in the program.

 Pre and Post supervision is included at no cost!
 Per 2-week session: $345 Members*|$370 Non-Member*
*An additional $35 per child will be charged for the session 2 camp trip.

For more information, contact Camp Director, Shannon Bujoreanu.
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