1st-3rd Grades | Monday – Friday | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The Explorer program focuses on developing skills in a variety of athletic, cooperative and creative outdoor activities, improving their swimming skills, and continuing to develop their social and emotional intelligence. The Explorers will be grouped by age and gender and have 14-16 campers in each group with 2 counselors.

The daily group schedules are customized to satisfy the interests of the campers. Specialty instructors plan and execute activities in the specific curriculum areas. The group counselors assist the campers with the projects and with the overall supervision and safety of their group. All campers will have two 45-minute rotations per day. Each day the groups will have 1 rotation with a specialty instructor and 1 rotation facilitated by the counselors. Explorers will have swim lessons 2 days per week in the afternoons.

Pricing:  $545 members |$570 Non-Members

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