1st – 3rd Grades | Monday – Friday | 9:00AM – 4:00PM

The Explorer program focuses on developing skills in a variety of athletic, cooperative, and creative outdoor activities, improving their swimming skills, and continuing to develop their social and emotional intelligence. The Explorers will be grouped by age and gender and have 10 campers in each group with 1 counselor.

The daily group schedules are customized to satisfy the interests of the campers. Counselors execute activities, planned by the camp director, in specific curriculum areas. Some of our brand-new activities for 2021 include:

  • Brainiac Academy – Incorporating literacy and math puzzles and games to help campers with learning loss.
  • Expressive Art – Arts and crafts projects that will focus on social emotion learning.
  • Heroic Journey – With popular superhero and movie characters and stories, teaching social emotional learning and bullying prevention in ways that children and teens find relatable.

The group counselor assists the campers with the projects and with the overall supervision and safety of their group. All campers will have three, 30-minute rotations per day. The afternoons incorporate the following activities:

  • Catered Lunch Time
  • Recreational Lunch Period with 5 fun rotations daily
  • Group Time
  • Afternoon Division Activities that will give Pods of 3 groups the chance to play and interact in different program areas.
  • Explorers will have one swim lesson per week in the afternoons.
  • Weekly Big Fun Time Activities with their Activity Leader
  • Foodie Fridays – Special Treats planned by the Camp Director
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