*S.K.O.R. (1st-7th Grade)

Special Kids Organized Recreation Services

Monday – Friday | 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Our summer-camp program encourages and supports the participation of individuals with disabilities in all programs and services. Inclusion in our summer camp means that individuals with disabilities (including but not limited to: ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, Sensory Issues and Spectrum Disorders) are welcome to participate in the same environment as their peers. The SKOR Camp will allow campers to be exposed to the same activities as day camp, but with an individualized schedule and a counselor assigned to 1-3 campers. The counselors of these groups will work with a Behavior Specialist to target a wide range of skills including conversations: (i.e., winning and losing, personal space, joining a group, social cues and so much more).

Our team of qualified staff ensures that your child has a fun, successful, quality experience within a camp setting. If an aide is provided, at the parent’s expense, we are happy to work with them to ensure the best outcome for your child. Aides recruited by families will be required to go through YMCA training and background checks. Additional information and an intake meeting with the new families is required prior to enrollment.

For more information, contact the Camp Director.
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