Small Fries

2-3 Years with Parent

Non-Members Welcome

Here’s a wonderful opportunity for your children to start to develop independence with caregivers still within arm’s reach. Class is a mix of songs and free play time for gross motor skill development as well as teacher-led games and activities. Literature is also included to develop language skills. For those not yet ready to be away from Mom or Dad, this program helps promote the budding independence of children ages 2-3 years.

NEW! Registered for 1,2 & You or Small Fries? Take an extra 30-minute free play time on our equipment from 10:00 -10:30 a.m.

Attention Non-Members: All Non-Members must sign a Non-Member Program Participant Waiver in order to participate in programs. Please print, sign and return to Member Services Desk upon or before attending the first class.
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