4th-7th Grades|MONDAY-FRIDAY|9AM-4PM

Super Senior Campers continue with a more advanced morning rotation schedule. A NEW highlight of the summer will be a morning field trip each session to a local park, weather permitting. Summer Camp is where the campers often find their passions and talents by experiencing new activities. This quality camp experience provides our campers with the opportunity to learn powerful lessons in community, character building and healthy living.

Super Senior Campers will experience ten 45-minute rotations each week, including:
Outdoor Cooking, Sports & Games, Science, Kids Zone, GA-GA, Togetherhood-Community Service, Arts & Crafts, Giant Games, Archery, Basketball, Senior Card Games, Field Games, Four-Square, NEW! Top Secret Special Activities

Super Seniors will eat lunch and have recreational play time where they can interact with campers within the Super Senior and Adventure Villages. During this time campers can play four-square, basketball, GA-GA, have fun on the playground or just relax with their friends and have ice-cream. All campers must be registered for ice cream via online waiver before the start of camp.

In the afternoon, there is a customized schedule for each group, based on the group swim time. The components of the afternoon schedule are as follows:
Play Time/Chill Out: After a busy morning of scheduled activities campers take a 15-minute chill out time to relax with friends, sit in the shade and cool off before jumping into afternoon activities. This time is also used for bathroom and drink breaks as well as sunscreen application.
Group Time: A 30-minute period where counselors run age appropriate structured group activities each day.
Elective/Choice Time: Afternoons allow your camper to choose activity based on his/her interests. Electives/Choice will cover a a diverse line-up through the sessions (i.e. Sports & Games, Arts & Crafts, Board Games, Backyard Games, Makers Space (STEAM) and Camp Water Activities and surprise vendors).
Treat Tuesday: Each Tuesday campers will be offered a fun treat in the afternoons during Elective/Choice Time.
Swimming: Each camper will have two 30-minute instructional swim lessons each week. There will be 10 minutes at the end of each lesson for recreational swim time. Swimmers are broken into 3 smaller groups based on ability after completing a swim evaluation with the Aquatic Deck Supervisor.
BFT (Big Fun Time): Once per week the Activity Leaders will run a fun and exciting large group activity with their groups. This time will showcase the fun and silly personalities of the staff while engaging the campers in some group fun!
FFO (Friday Face Off): Every Friday, groups will face off with one-another in different games, team-building activities or brain teaser challenges.

Camp Director Corner: Weekly time with the camp director and behavioral team to talk about helping others, differences in others, peer pressure, self-control and choices/consequences, and the 4-core values of the Y.

One friend request per camper may be submitted by April 1.

Fee: $530 members*|$555 Non-Members*

*An additional $35 per child will be charged for the session 2 camp trip.