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Camp FAQ's

Do you have a question? We have an answer! Check out some of our Summer Day Camp FAQ's.

The Y facility has one 6-lane swimming pool that camp shares with general membership, summer swim lessons, swim team, childcare and half day camp. Camp uses the entire pool from 1-3:30 pm M-F.  Each group has the opportunity to swim 2 times per week with instructional lessons and a 10-minute recreational swim period on the second swim day. With over 600 campers per day, we cannot offer more swim time.

If your child has a swim time that falls between 1-2 pm, your child will sit on the bleachers of the pool deck while their group is swimming. If your child’s swim time falls between 2:00-3:30 pm, they have the choice of swimming or staying out in camp and participating in hobby time.

We do not force any campers to swim. Of course, if you would like your camper to swim, please send a note to the head counselor communicating your request and we will try our best to motivate your camper to participate.

No. Campers and counselors need a full two weeks to bond together as a group. Shorter sessions would diminish your camper’s positive experience.

We want every camper to have a fun and enjoyable camp experience so we take bullying seriously and address every bullying complaint.

For Camp 2017:

  • We are splitting the Junior boys camp groups to give more personalized attention to the campers of this age. Each group will now have two counselors with a maximum group size of fourteen.
  • We are requiring all campers sign a code of conduct outlining expectations.
  • We are increasing training to provide all staff with both online and onsite professional development as a part of their required orientation training.
  • We are instituting more serious bullying consequences. If a camper is found breaking the code of conduct or committing a serious infraction, a suspension or termination will be issued. No refunds will be given.

We go to great lengths to provide water to all campers throughout the day.  We have 2 water vending machines (for bottled water) and 2 water fountains onsite. Campers are encouraged to take drink breaks throughout the morning and during group time. During afternoon hobby time, campers are free to get drinks as often as needed.

As a Y, we try to maintain a balance between child friendly foods and nutritional meals. We consider the NJ State Alliance Health Standards for children’s portion sizes and exceed those serving sizes due to the campers’ high activity levels at camp. We will continue to work with our lunch caterer to introduce healthy, appealing meals.

Although the campers enjoy field trips, the associated costs cause us to limit them to just one. Instead, we offer many exciting on-site special programs throughout the summer.

We do our best to get the cars in and out of the parking lot in a quick and efficient manner. From 8:50 – 9:15 am over 350 cars drop off for camp. In addition, Fanny Road is extremely busy during that peak traffic time.  During this 25-minute block of time you will be forced to a right-hand turn out of the Y parking lot when exiting. This will help alleviate any unnecessary back-ups in our lot. Certainly, you can sign up for pre-supervision, which allows you to drop off your camper as early as 7:30 am, when there are less cars moving through the lot. Another option would be dropping your camper off after 9:15 to the camp office in the rear parking lot.

Due to the volume of camp lost and found over the summer, it must be emptied at the end of every week. Children are encouraged to check the bin as soon as their belongings are missing. It is unhygienic to store missing items longer.

Fees are based on cost per camper. In order to discount fees for siblings, we would have to increase the basic fee for all.

Our staff snaps photos throughout the week in all locations and situations.  For this reason, all photos are organized by week. We cannot guarantee that every child is photographed each week, but the photos you see are a great opportunity to ask your child about activities that you see in the photos and about friends they have made at camp. The top twenty photos of each week will be posted on the Parent Pages every Friday afternoon.

Pre-Supervision (7:30-9:00 am) and Post Supervision (4:00-6:00 pm) are extended recreation programs to the normal camp day. Campers can be signed up for one or both add-on programs to extend their supervised day.  Neither program offers structured activities as campers are dropped and picked up throughout the allotted time. Activities include pick-up games and social time.

Archery requires a Certified Instructor and specialized equipment that is only set up during the morning hours when sports campers are working on their specific sports skills and drills.