I-SNAP (Individual Special Needs Aquatics Program)

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I-SNAP (Individual Special Needs Aquatics Program)

The 30-minute weekly pool program provides each child (ages 3 and potty trained, through 18 years) the support and tools needed to develop and increase basic aquatic skills in a safe environment. For more information contact Alex Fraser at alexf@lhymca.com.



Inclusive Program Option

The YMCA has been the leader in serving those with disabilities, special needs, and developmental challenges. For kids who have special needs, reaching new milestones comes with unique challenges.

Our programs encourage and support the participation of individuals with disabilities in programs and services in the same environment as their peers. With individual attention, we will work to target a wide range of skills including conversations, (i.e., winning and losing personal space, joining a group, social curs and so much more).

Your child will have an opportunity to engage in a youth class with a 1:3 ratio of qualified staff to ensure that your child has a fun, successful, and quality experience. The Y offers inclusion programs for kids ages 6 – 14.

For more information, please contact Andrew Lomauro at AndrewL@lhymca.com

Individuals With Developmental Disabilities


A personalized approach that helps build confidence and self-esteem for individuals who have unique abilities. Our dedicated, enthusiastic staff and volunteers will motivate and guide participants in a weekly full hour of exercise incorporating a combination of cycling, dance, yoga, strength training, and fitness stations. This program is designed for ages 15 & up.

For more information, please contact Darlene Kievit at Darlenek@lhymca.com

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