Indoor Youth Leagues

What does it mean to play in a Youth Sports League at the YMCA?

Team players are made HERE! The YMCA Youth Sports Leagues help kids become not only better athletes, but better people as well. With an emphasis on fair play and safety first, our programs are progressive with age-appropriate rules to help teach youth sports leagues for kids, while keeping it fun. Our Youth Indoor Leagues build winners in life, emphasizing good sportsmanship, fitness, fair play, fundamentals and fun while implementing our core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith.

Players will learn fundamentals and develop new skills while receiving quality playing time.

Middle School Pick-Up Pickleball League

Pick-up Pickleball League just for middle schoolers at the Y! Play against friends and make new ones. We will be playing a mix of doubles and singles throughout the weeks. We will finish with a last day tournament.

Youth Basketball

After over a hundred years of teaching this sport, we’ve learned a thing or two. YMCA basketball emphasizes fun while encouraging fundamental skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our program gives kids exposure to positive competition as they continue to grow as a player, athlete and person by focusing on skills, rules, mechanics and basics like listening to coaches or being a good teammate to help participants refine their skills in a sport they love. Our coaches focus on the youth basketball players’ development of building core skills such as ball handling, defense, offense, rebounding, shooting, conditioning and more. We’re creating team players and future leaders through team sports.

Youth Basketball Clinic

This clinic is for preparing your little baller for our basketball league next year! Build and improve skills through drills and games on the fundamentals of basketball. Dribble, pass, shoot, and have fun!

Little Ballers 4 – 6 Years Old

Junior Ballers 7 – 9 Years Old

Sr. Ballers 10 – 13 Years Old

Code of Conduct

Volunteer Coaching Opportunities

We’re seeking volunteers interested in coaching youth sports. Our coaches make YMCA youth sports possible and create a lifelong impact on children by encouraging participation and emphasizing sportsmanship and strong character. When you become a volunteer, the Y will introduce you to coaching and provide resources specific to the sport you coach. If your child is a player, getting involved at their practices can help them feel comfortable to practice with you outside of official practice time.

Become A Volunteer

Soccer Tips

The goal of becoming a top athlete is a long road for anyone to achieve. Many factors go into developing soccer players that compete at the highest level, but a key aspect can start with simple everyday habits as child. Everyone shines in their own way, at their own time. That’s the beauty of soccer; it builds people for whatever comes next in life.

Training Tips

Practice makes perfect! That begins with a good warmup to focus training players to get as many touches on the soccer ball and increase their heart rate to help prepare them for practice and soccer clinics with technical activity, creating an environment where players can get as much repetition of a skill as possible. The more a player practices, the better they’ll get!

Coaching Tips

Coaches who engage in active listening guarantees clear, mutually understood communication makes players more willing to talk to the coach as well as promotes a more meaningful relationship between the coach and player. Communicating with purpose by being aware of posture, eye contact, facial expressions, distance between the coach and the player, distracting behaviors and voice quality is crucial in addressing players and understanding their questions and quandaries.

Basketball Benefits

Basketball is a sport that requires great endurance, where kids can experience a full-body workout that is important for them to learn to push toward an end goal without giving up. They will also develop a good sense of balance, hand-eye coordination, agility, strategy and social skills at a young age that will play a part towards their success into adulthood.

Training Tips

Find a balance for your child between having fun and improving their skills as a player by exercising through drill work and conditioning to help them develop both a love for the game and solid fundamentals. Making sure to prioritize effort over results will nurture their interest to improve their skillset and mindset as a future leader.

Coaching Tips

Teach good sportsmanship by your example in maintaining a positive attitude at all times. Teach them to play hard with respect to their youth basketball team opponents and to the officials. Wins and losses are not important at this age, it is about developing teamwork, emphasizing sportsmanship and learning their responsibilities to the team that will instill good discipline and dedication to a sport that they enjoy to play.

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