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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics) at Lakeland Hills YMCA

Today the acronym STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, has become more important than ever. STEM curriculum blends those subjects in order to teach “21st-century skills,” or tools students need to have if they wish to succeed in the workplace of the “future.” The idea is that in order to be prepared for jobs and compete with students from different parts of the world, students here in the US need to be able to solve problems, find and use evidence, collaborate on projects, and think critically. Skills, the thinking goes, that are taught in those subjects.

STEM Saturdays

STEM Saturdays have now become Cooler than School and after school! Both Junior and Senior Scientist will join us for 1-hour long classes packed with exciting science experiments and a take-home project. Each Saturday will have the same theme for both junior and senior scientists. To see detailed information on upcoming STEM Saturdays, see our Upcoming Events page. To register for STEM Saturdays, click the Registration button.


Stem Labs

Stem Labs have now become Cooler than School and after school! Join us for classes packed with exciting science experiments and a take-home project. Check back for available Wednesdays and their themes!


Shows Real-World Applications

The nature of STEM programs includes applying real-world scenarios to bring kids out of the classroom and show how they can use subjects in real life. This kind of lesson helps students understand the importance of the subject matter to better appreciate what they are learning and feel more invested in their education. For example, when students understand the importance of math in everyday life, they can feel more motivated to learn the concepts and pay attention in class.

Especially for middle and high school kids, connecting the subject material to something outside the classroom can keep kids engaged with learning. When they understand why learning something is important, they can maintain or discover their passion for specific subjects when many students lose interest in their education.

Incorporates Hands-On Learning

While many subjects rely on lecture-based lessons, STEM can provide a break in that learning style and provide hands-on activities. STEM activities and topics use many different skills, like problem-solving and critical thinking, that work better when kids can interact with the subject material themselves. They can get close and explore what interests them, whether by exploring bugs and plants on the playground or building towers out of blocks.

Promotes Equality in Education

Teaching STEM at a young age can help encourage more kids to pursue a career in STEM. While kids might not be planning their futures in elementary or middle school, introducing them to various subjects when they are younger can instill a lifelong interest and passion in subjects, encouraging them to seek degrees and jobs in that field.

STEM is an excellent subject for promoting equality in the classroom since all kids can participate in lessons and activities. Introducing STEM to younger students can help give young girls and kids of color the hands-on learning experience and opportunities to explore STEM subjects.

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