Adult Sports Leagues and Drop-in

Adult Sports Leagues and Drop-in

Whether you miss “suiting up” or are new to team activities, our sports leagues and drop-in adult sports provide a perfect opportunity to be active, social and reconnect or provide a start fresh with a sport you enjoy. Basketball, volleyball and pickleball are available for drop-in during the scheduled gymnasium hours. We offer dodgeball and kickball sports leagues, which you can register when available. These are just some of the options available to get you back on the court.

Our Pickleball League is offered certain times throughout the year. See our schedule and brochure for when pickleball league takes place.

Pickleball League

We are excited at Lakeland Hills YMCA to offer what is being described as the fastest growing sport in the country. What is pickleball? Pickleball is a racket sport which combines badminton, tennis and table tennis. The pickleball court dimensions are the same as a doubles badminton court. The net is similar to a tennis net but mounted two inches lower. One of the MANY advantages to Pickleball is that it is a sport for ALL ages and skill levels. Pickleball games and pickleball tournaments are becoming more and more popular across the U.S.

There’s a reason so many players get hooked on this sport – it’s easy to start, but hard to stop. It’s free, so just drop in our gymnasium and play. We have pickleball paddles and balls. No registration needed. Ages 15 and up.

Our Basketball League is offered certain times throughout the year. See our schedule and brochure for when basketball league takes place.

Basketball League

Whether you miss “suiting up” or are new to team sports, the Y’s sports leagues provide a perfect opportunity to be active, social and to reconnect or start fresh with a sport you love. At the Y, sports and recreational activities are something special. Friendly competition (even with yourself), lots of variety and a supportive environment means team sports and recreation is fun again, and it makes for a healthier lifestyle and a good story or two. So many activities serve to restore our spirits and energy and test our limits. And for many of us, they’re the foundation of active living and rewarding relationships. The Lakeland Hills Y offers Seasonal Adult Basketball Leagues. Stay-tuned for the next basketball league dates. 

Our Dodgeball League is offered certain times throughout the year. See our schedule and brochure for when dodgeball league takes place.

Dodgeball League

Adult sport leagues are a fun way to meet up and do something with your friends and family at least once a week. It allows you to get that sports-itch you love, but also hang out and meet new people. This league will have refereed games based on a competitive dodgeball ruleset. Each team roster must have at least 6 players and a minimum of 2 female players. This will be a 9-week season with 7 regular season games and 2 weeks of playoffs. Join us in our inaugural season!

Each person on a team must register individually. If you’re a team captain or a free agent, an additional form will be sent to you via email to be completed.

You may register as a free agent, without a team, but will be placed on a team of other free agents.

Official Dodgeball Rules

Our Kickball League is offered certain times throughout the year. See our schedule and brochure for when kickball league takes place.

Lakeland Hills YMCA Kickball League

Join the Lakeland Hills YMCA very own kickball league! There’s nothing better after work than getting together to play outside with friends or to meet new people. Coed teams require a minimum of four girls with 10 players total.

Adult Drop-in

The following Adult Sports are available as drop-in and are part of your Lakeland Hills YMCA Membership. Ages are 15 and up.


Coed Volleyball


Times vary throughout week. Please see gymnasium schedule for more detail

Gym Schedule

Dodgeball Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Dodgeball requires players to be quick and agile, which can help improve their general balance and coordination. Dodgeball also Enhances reflexes. Since dodgeball involves throwing and dodging balls, players need to have fast reflexes to be successful in the game.

Kickball is Great for Socializing

Making friends and socializing as an adult is admittedly hard, but joining a league team for any sport is a great way to meet and have fun hanging out with likeminded others. Kickball is especially great for socializing because you’ve got downtime between plays and you’re all in the dugout together.

Pickleball is Great for Physical Health

The pickleball community is an excellent example of how staying active can improve one’s physical health. From increasing strength to boosting the immune system to improving sleep — playing pickleball on a regular basis packs in a lot of physical health benefits.

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