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Nowhere is volunteerism more evident than at the committee level.

  • Include relevant experience, personal interests or goals and anything else that will help us make the best fit for you and the Y.

Read our Committees' statements of purpose below:

Enhance the fitness development of the YMCA through practicing safety, setting goals and objectives and recommending changes when appropriate. Keep current with the latest technology and knowledge in the fitness industry. Open up the lines of communication among Board, staff and members.

Promote Aquatics within and outside of the YMCA. Maintain a committee that is well rounded with individuals from all facets of Aquatics to keep an objective overview of all programs. Make suggestions on ways to improve the quality of our programs, activities and facility while maximizing pool usage. Act as a liaison between members and the Aquatic Director regarding policies, procedures and programs. Continue looking for additional resources and outlets to keep our program in the forefront of the community.

Responsible for assisting the Board in ensuring the organization maintains good fiscal health. Reviews external audit of the Y’s financial statements. Meets as needed to fulfill its responsibilities, but will meet at least quarterly to review the organization’s financial position and audit plan. Also reviews the audited financial statements and the IRS Form 990 and related documents, and approve audit engagement.

Responsible for review of general building and grounds daily, long-term and preventative maintenance. Make recommendations to improve facility’s cleanliness and appearance. Make recommendations on equipment repairs and replacement. Review all Building and Grounds contracts.

Develop and implement community focused programs, activities, and services that are educational, cultural, fun, and supportive of spirit, mind and body. Collaborate with local and national service organizations to generate and then facilitate various annual community collections during the months of October through February. Organize the selection process for annual awards and scholarships including, but not limited to, the William Kogen and Bronie Parkins Awards.

Supports the YMCA’s mission to provide quality Full Day educational and developmental services to its members and to the community. Will continually assess the quality of our Full Day Early Childhood Learning Center policies and programs and recommend adjustments and improvements to keep the Full Day program running at the highest level of quality.

Help the Y meet its mission by marketing the Association’s image in the service area as it pertains to existing and prospective programs and initiatives. Bring and discuss new ideas on ways to increase our exposure, membership, participation, and charitable giving. Examine ways to retain existing members and recruit new members. Identify ways to recruit and cultivate new donors for annual giving campaign. Make recommendations on new ways to obtain funding.

Tasked with ensuring our members and potential members have a positive experience when they visit the Y. The committee reviews all member and participant surveys, advises on member concerns, considers offerings at other facilities, and reviews the overall satisfaction of the membership at large.

Supports the YMCA’s mission to provide quality childcare to its members and to the community. Will continually assess the quality of the center’s policies and programs and recommend adjustments and improvements to keep the center running at the highest level of quality.

Support the YMCA’s mission to provide quality services to its members and to the community. Provide ongoing, objective assessment of services and strive to ensure that the facilities equipment and supplies are safe, appropriate and meet service guidelines.

Review Camp and After-School Programs to ensure that they promote and strengthen the following developmental skills in participating children: Socialization, physical and creative enhancement, decision making, improved self-esteem and personal responsibility, leadership opportunities, exposure to positive role models, support of academic success, community awareness, fun and overall well-being of all involved.

Support the Y’s overall mission of providing quality programming for its members, especially young families and their children. Review and enhance existing programs and policies in the preschool and youth programs, babysitting department, and birthday party offerings. Develop and implement new enrichment programs and special events.