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We have some strong members at our YMCA, read some of their testimonials to find out some of the things that have been accomplished at the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA!

After a difficult divorce and with only limited income to begin with, I was left as the sole provider of my school age children. Even working two jobs, I still was unable to afford care for them after school and they were far too young to be home alone. Thanks to Give a Kid the Y, they attend Kids Club, which they love and I have peace of mind.

Divorced Mom

Having children with disabilities and paying for their therapies and special diets have put a real strain on our family income, especially with four other kids at home. Give a Kid the Y has given our two special needs kids a chance to participate, exercise, and learn like other kids in Y classes we could never afford.

Parent of Special Needs Child

Suffering from severe complications from diabetes, I can barely work part-time, so when my wife passed away suddenly, I wasn’t sure how I was going to care for my 3-year old twins. Childcare costs coupled with my medical expenses – I just couldn’t see how I could manage. Thanks to a Give a Kid the Y scholarship, my children are thriving in the Early Childhood Learning Center.

Single Dad with Twins

I moved to the area as a single mom of three after leaving an abusive relationship. I receive public funding while attending school full time and I want to make a better life for my kids. I want them to experience things that other kids do but I can barely afford anything but the basics. Give a Kid the Y has allowed my girls to participate in swim lessons and camp so they don’t feel left out anymore.

Single Mom

When my son got seriously sick, I had to resign from my job to care for him and even with my husband working full time, as a family of five, we hardly make ends meet. Thanks to a Give a Kid the Y scholarship, we were able to become members and enjoy the Y as a family. My son has since recovered and there are no words to describe how thankful we are that the Y was there for us when we needed them.

Struggling Family

After my husband passed away I was completely unprepared for the lifestyle changes for myself and two young children. I had never held a full time job and with minimal experience, I wasn’t sure what to do. Thanks to Give a Kid the Y, I know they will have a great summer at camp while I try to make ends meet working full time.

Young Widow