Inaugural Adult Dodgeball League

Winter 2022

Location – at the Lakeland Hills YMCA Gymnasium

Dates – January 13th – March 10th

Ages – 18 and older

Times – Matches are on Thursdays between 6:30pm and 9:30pm (team schedules will be released when registration closes).

Prices – Y-MEMBERS – $55 | NON-MEMBERS – $75

A brand-new competitive dodgeball league for adults! Adult sport leagues are a fun way to meet up and do something with your friends and family at least once a week. It allows you to get that sports-itch you love, but also hang out and meet new people. This league will have refereed games based on a competitive dodgeball ruleset. Each team roster must have at least 6 players and a minimum of 2 female players. This will be a 9-week season with 7 regular season games and 2 weeks of playoffs. Join us in our inaugural season!

Each person on a team must register individually. If you’re a team captain or a free agent, an additional form will be sent to you via email to be completed.

You may register as a free agent, without a team, but will be placed on a team of other free agents.


Matches & Rounds

  • Each match will consist of (2) 15-minute halves. The score will reset at the half. Teams do not have to switch sides at halftime unless one team requests it. Each half counts as a game in the league standings.
  • If teams have an equal number of rounds won in a half, one overtime round with a 3-minute time limit will be played to break the tie.
  • The clock shall be a running clock. No timeouts except for an injury. Substitutions must be made between rounds.
  • Each round will continue until either:
    • All players on one team are eliminated.
    • 5 minutes has elapsed.
      • If 5 minutes elapses, the team with the most players remaining will win the round.
      • If 5 minutes elapses and both teams have the same number of players remaining, the round will be a draw.

Forfeits / Mercy Rule

  • Any team not ready to play, with at least 4 players, within 10 minutes of posted start time shall forfeit
  • The default score of 2-0 shall be recorded for any forfeited match
  • Optional mercy rule if a team is up 6 rounds in a half