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Summer Memberships

Join for the summer and enjoy everything the Y has to offer!

If you’re looking for family fun near home this summer, take out a Summer Membership and get everything the Y has to offer for you and the whole family! For more information, call or stop by the Member Services Desk. Memberships must be purchased in-person.

A membership is required for participation in most Y programs. Summer memberships are available beginning May 1st and are valid for four months from date of purchase through September 30th.

Memberships Offered:


(11 years and younger)



(12-18 Years)


Young Adult

(19-25 Years)



(26-67 Years)



(Single adult, legally registered domestic and civil union partners, or legally married spouses, living together as a family including their children through age 23)


Older Adult

(68 - 89 Years*)


Older Adult Couple

(Legally married spouses or legally registered domestic and civil union partners, both 68 - 89 Years*)


Older Adult Friday

(68 - 89 Years*)


Three free guest passes will be included when you take out a Summer Membership. Additional guess passes are available for a fee. No one person may come to the Y as a guest more than three times per year.
*Those 90+ years old are granted a free lifetime membership