Pilot Esports League Program Description:

Lakeland Hills Family YMCA is offering an all-virtual Pilot Esports League. It is part of a YMCA National Esports League that will run through LeagueSpot, so our teams will play against other YMCA teams. There will be elementary school, middle school, and high school divisions. The games we will be offering to register for are NBA 2K21, Super Smash Bros., and Rocket League. All meetings with the groups will be run through our private Discord server. Through this program, we can provide an online platform where kids can be safe, moderated, gain leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, and build character.

What you need to play from home:
Depending on which game you choose to register for, you will need the equipment at home because this program will be run virtually.
• Game of choice
• Gaming console or gaming PC
• Headset and controller or keyboard / mouse

Dates: September 13 – November 12

Grades & Times:
• 3rd – 8th grades: Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30PM – 7:00PM
• 9th – 12th grades: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30PM – 7:00PM

• Members $100
• Non-Members $150

Gaming Club Program Description:

We are also offering a brand new, in-person Gaming Club program on site at the Y. Players in the Gaming Club will meet in person at the Y and be supervised and coached to become more confident in their abilities. Bi-weekly games will be rotated to add variety to this program. Some of the games that will be offered will include Fortnite, Mario Kart, Minecraft, Pokémon, and more!

Dates: September 13 – November 12

• 3rd – 8th

• Tuesdays, Thursdays, and/or Fridays 3:30PM – 6:30PM

(reserve ONE 60-minute block)

• Members $85
• Non-Members $130


Contact Andrew Lomauro at

Register Now

Game Installation Tutorials

Where to find the games on your console

  • The Xbox and PlayStation both respectively have their individual “Stores” on the console.
  • Go to the “Store” on either console from the dashboard and go to the search bar.
  • Type in your game of choice and click search.

NOTE: If you are trying to get NBA 2K21 it is a $60 game that you will have to buy but depending on the console it might have a deal or money off depending on when you buy it. Rocket League is completely free.

Buying or downloading your game

  • Once you found the game, if it is Rocket League you can just click “Install Now” but if it is NBA 2K21, you will need to purchase the game digitally first.
  • It will have a “Buy Now” button and once you click it, it will ask for a payment method to purchase the game. If you have bought a game previously on the console it should have a method of payment already saved that you can choose, but if this is your first time purchasing a game you will have to enter a payment method.
  • Once you enter this info, you can purchase the game digitally and it should automatically start installing onto the console once you have paid.

After the game is finished installing onto your console, you can open it and you are ready to play!

Instructions on downloading and creating a Discord account

Getting Discord on your PC

  • Go to Google and search “Discord”
  • The first option should be “”. Click that.
  • It will bring you to a download page for Discord and just click the “Download” button. (If you are on a Windows device it will say “Download for Windows” and if you are on a Mac it should say “Download for IOS”.)
  • Once you click the download option on your PC, depending on your browser, it will either start downloading immediately, or if your using Firefox it will ask you to save the file first (click save file).
  • Then once it is done downloading click the finished downloaded file from your browser from either the bottom of your screen or in the top right if you are using Firefox.
  • It should start installing onto your computer immediately.
  • Once it is done installing you can open Discord up from your desktop, as a shortcut should have been created.

Creating an account

  • If you have never used Discord, you will need to register an account, to start this click the “Register” word on the bottom of the window.
  • It will prompt you with adding an email, username, password, and date of birth.
  • If your child is between 5th-8th grade, the guardian should use their email to sign them up, but if your child is in high school, they can use their own email to sign up.
  • Have the child pick their own username that will be shown to all their friends. (It could be their name, an existing gamer tag, a creative fun name, etc., just know that this username will be shown to all their friends and coaches so make sure it is appropriate.)
  • Then enter a password for the account.
  • Then the date of birth entered should be the date of birth for the owner of the email that was used.
  • Click “Continue” once all the required info is entered and you are good to go!