School Age Full Day Camp Junior (6 – 8 Years Old)

Monday – Friday | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We have given camp a facelift for 2018! These campers, grouped by age and gender, rotate with their groups each morning to a variety of fun-filled and exciting specialty areas. Junior groups will have 14-16 campers per group with two counselors. The daily group schedules are customized to satisfy the interests of the campers. Specialty Instructors plan and execute activities in the specific curriculum areas. Group counselors assist the campers with projects and with the overall supervision and safety of their group as they rotate through the morning. Junior campers experience two 45-minute rotations per day.

Rotations include the following for junior campers:

·       Outdoor Cooking ·       Arts & Crafts
·       C.A.T.C.H. Fitness Program ·       The Challenge
·       S.T.E.M. ·       Fun With Science
·       Interactive Tech Time ·       Togetherhood – Community Service
·       Archery ·       Kid Zone
·       GA-GA ·       Two-Square
·       Basketball ·       Junior Sports & Games
·       9-Square In the Air ·       Net Games
·       Blacktop Games ·       Junior Card Games
·       Lego Engineering ·       Giant Games
·       Gameshow Challenge ·

Next the juniors will head to recreation time which includes time on the playground, blacktop and in the pavilion. During this time campers can play two-square, basketball, have fun on the playground or just relax with their friends in a shaded area. We also offer ice cream each day during recreational lunch time. All campers must be registered for the ice cream program prior to the start of camp.

Each afternoon the junior campers have a customized schedule specific to their group.  Each group will have a different schedule that is based around swimming time. The components of each schedule are:

  • Play Time – A brief time where campers will be able to play with toys from home, have sunblock applied for the afternoon, bathroom and drink breaks as well as social time with their peers under the supervision of their counselors. Campers will choose their elective for the day during this time.
  • Group Time – A 30-minute period (3-4 times per week) where counselors plan fun games, activities, contests, science or crafts based on the interests of their group.
  • Elective Time – This is a new component of camp for this summer which will allow all campers to choose an age appropriate activity based on his/her interests for a one hour period each day in the afternoon. Juniors will be separate from seniors for this elective period. Electives will cover a variety of activities each day including Performing Arts, Strategy Games, Culinary Arts, Sports & Games, Arts & Crafts and Science and Technology. Campers must choose their elective for the day during chill out time.  Each activity has limited space for each day to help alleviate lines and overcrowding in each activity area.
  • Snack Time – A 15-minute period each day where campers can sit and enjoy a snack from home. Please follow healthy guidelines.
  • Swimming – Each camper will have two 30 minute instructional swim lessons each week. At the end of the second swim lesson each week, there will be a 10-minute recreation swim period.  Swimmers are broken into three smaller groups during swim based on ability after completing a swim evaluation with the aquatic deck supervisor.
  • Group Face off – A 30-minute period once per week where groups will face off with one-another in different games, team building activities or brain challenges.
  • Camp Talk – A 30-minute period once per week where campers talk as a group about likes, dislikes, upcoming camp events and activities, kindness, character. This time will also include some fun ice-breaker games for the campers to help them make new friends.
  • BFT (Big Fun Time) – A 30-minute period once per week where the Activity Leaders for 3-4 groups at camp will run a fun an exciting large group activity. This time will showcase the fun and silly personalities of the staff while engaging the campers in some group fun!
Lunch is Included… Don’t Forget to Order!

Lunch is included but you will still need to make your selections for each day. Please select NONE on any day your child will not be receiving camp lunch and remember to send lunch from home on that day(s).

Ice Cream is included…Don’t Forget to Order!

Ice Cream is included but you will still need to give permission for each day. Please select “NO” on any day your child will not be receiving ice cream.

Parents Please Note: One friend request per camper may be submitted by April 1st. Friend requests are only offered for this camp option and are not guaranteed.
For more information, contact Camp Director, Shannon Bujoreanu.
$505 Members* | $530 Non-members*
*An additional $30 per child will be charged for the Session 2 camp trip.


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