Here at Lakeland Hills, we can meet your every fitness need no matter what your ultimate goal or age. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, brand new to exercise, or starting over, we can customize a program for you. The positive results from resistance training will help to decrease body fat, increase bone density, and tone muscles.


To help familiarize you with our strength training machines and cardiovascular equipment, members are encouraged to take advantage of a FREE 45-minute orientation of the full circuit that will help you get started on your fitness routine. By appointment only, call ext. 25.

First Step Orientation

This type of orientation is different from the above in that it is a scaled down version that will acquaint you with just a few machines – the ones you are most interested in working with for your routine. This is particularly helpful for first timers who are new to fitness, and the orientation is just a few minutes. Call ext. 40 for more details and to set up your appointment.