The first week of this program will be a Dodgeball League where campers will pick teams, practice and drill as well as participate in a dodgeball tournament. This program will take place at an offsite indoor facility. Awards will be given to the winning teams.

The second week of this program will take place at a local bowling alley. During bowling, campers will get placed on teams and compete in a week-long tournament. Awards will be given. Co-ed grouping.

All campers must be onsite by 9:15AM for offsite bussing. Parents may not pick up or drop off at offsite facilities, as per state and YMCA safety guidelines. Therefore, if campers are running late, they can be dropped off at the YMCA at 11:15AM when their group returns. Fees for this program include facility and bus rental fees.

$630 Members| $655 Non-members

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