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Health & Wellness

Living healthy is about spirit, mind and body at every age and stage.

At the YMCA, one of our primary areas of focus is Healthy Living: Health and well-being are all about balance. That’s why we help people and families build and maintain healthy habits for spirit, mind and body in their everyday lives. By helping kids, adults, families and seniors from all backgrounds improve their health and well-being, we build a stronger community.

We have a variety of Health and Wellness offerings, programs and activities built to suit every walk of life—every age, every fitness level, every schedule. And we sincerely care about your success. Browse the categories below to find the best fit for you.

Health and Fitness Center

Here at Lakeland Hills, we can meet your every fitness need no matter what your ultimate goal or age.

Group Fitness Classes

The YMCA offers a variety of Group Fitness Classes that can help you get on the right path to living a healthier life.

Personal Training

A Personal Trainer can motivate you, teach you new techniques, and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Spirit, Mind & Body

We offer a variety of classes that focus on the healthy longevity of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Specialty Classes

Here at Lakeland Hills, we can meet your every fitness need no matter what your ultimate goal or age.

Wellness Presentations

Always striving to engage our youth, adults and families in achieving healthier lifestyles, we are proud to present programs that are vital and relevant to today’s concerns.

Developmental Challenges

This program is designed to make fitness fun and engaging for individuals with developmental challenges.

Chronic Disease Prevention Programs

We offer programs designed to support heart health, manage your weight, and encourage healthy habits through regular exercise and healthy dieting. Discover the many ways the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA can help you prevent chronic diseases.