Functional Training Area

Fitness Center

Here at Lakeland Hills, we can meet your every fitness need no matter what your ultimate goal or age.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, brand new to exercise, or starting over, we can customize a program for you. The positive results from resistance training will help to decrease body fat, increase bone density, and tone muscles.


To help familiarize you with our strength training machines and cardiovascular equipment, members are encouraged to take advantage of a FREE 45-minute orientation of the full circuit that will help you get started on your fitness routine. By appointment only, call ext. 25.

This treadmill provides a motivating entertainment-enhanced fitness experience. The HD touch screen features enhanced interaction, internet connectivity and more. The treadmill is a commercial treadmill that offers quality technology, performance and feel. Premium console displays with Bluetooth compatibility keep you entertained, engaged and motivated. The entertainment-enhanced SE3HD tablet consoles provide touch screen access to the internet,
popular fitness apps and Lifescape interactive courses. Look for these features:
▪ Personal entertainment
▪ Streaming video
▪ Integrated with popular fitness apps
▪ Easy navigation on 21” console
▪ Tracking workouts
▪ Lifescape interactive courses
▪ Tour places around the world during your ride
▪ “Ride Social” – Ride against avatars of real people around the world on the same course
▪ Connect your headphones, heart-rate monitors or other Bluetooth-enabled devices

The IC7 spin bikes are designed, from the rider’s perspective, for a smooth and powerful ride to give the most dynamic outcome and customized results for a maximum workout experience. Most importantly, coach by color which helps the instructor keep the riders in optimal exercise zones and the rider can constantly and accurately monitor their effort during a workout. This system gives real-time, color-coded feedback to the user with five colored training zones: White, blue, green, yellow and red ,which are linked to each individual rider’s power output and percentage of heart-rate max. This makes the results specific to you during every ride.

Features include:
▪ Gas assisted posts for micro fit adjustments
▪ Flip lever locking system so no knobs to tighten
▪ 300 degree magnetic resistance dial adjusts from 0-100% max resistance in one turn
▪ Watt rate direct power meter has 99% accuracy which is the best in the industry
▪ 2-stage drive train for higher fly wheel speeds which transfers extreme levels of
torque smoothly
▪ State-of-the-art “coach by color” program