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Youth Sports

Be goal oriented! At the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA, kids develop all of their skills, from catching and dribbling to teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Y nurtures the potential of children through the YMCA’s Youth Sports programming by strengthening character in our youth, engaging families, and building lasting relationships. Youth Sports are offered year-round and always need great coaches. Use your talents to encourage, guide and train young athletes at the Y!

Participants in these programs build skills, learn about teamwork, and focus on sportsmanship. Families are presented with second-to-none volunteer opportunities as coaches, team parents, and committee members.

Youth learn new skills, make new friends, develop essential character traits, and set individual and team goals. This improves self-confidence, promotes diversity, increases self-esteem, and improves physical condition. The positive time with family and friends in this environment strengthens our communities. Youth Sports puts emphasis on healthy relationships between adults and youth as well as family, with a goal to build social skills and sport skills with all participants for the future. Open to non-members.

Youth Sports Programs:

Youth Rookie Sports

3 – 5 Years Old

Non-Members Welcome

This very popular class is an introduction of skills and fun. Each week your child will enjoy cooperative games and explore their athletic abilities. Children will receive valuable instruction in a non-competitive environment while learning important techniques, teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship. Possible sports include soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, t-ball, and mini golf.

Youth Karate

3 – 5 Years Old

Non-Members Welcome

This class is the perfect mix of activity and discipline paired down for preschoolers. Our instructor will emphasize the foundations of Karate, physical fitness and concentration. Children will be rewarded for their hard work and advancement with their very own belt, and through experience they will also receive stripes.

Youth Mini Golf

4 – 5 Years Old

With the popularity of this sport growing, what better time to introduce your child to the lifelong game of golf! Our program offers a new and fun approach to learning this great sport.  We aim to put together a fun introductory level class to build confidence and love for the game of golf.

Youth Indoor Snowboarding

5 – 9 Years Old

Non-Members Welcome

Before winter gets here, take a perfect opportunity to prepare for the snow time fun! Using friction-less gym floor snowboards, kids will learn the basics of snowboarding, including standing, balancing, carving, braking, and falling safely. It’s a great way to improve overall balance, coordination, and body control.

Youth Soccer

6 – 9 Years Old

Non-Members Welcome

Practice your skills inside with us.The YMCA Soccer program is designed to meet each player at their current level of play and provide opportunities to increase their individual skills. The goal is that these opportunities lead to an overall enjoyment of the game for years to come. Through participation in practices and games, players learn sportsmanship, how to work as a team and also build quality relationships with players and coaches in the program. Class will focus on dribbling, passing and ball control – the foundation of any skilled soccer player.

Basketball Clinic

5 – 12 Years Old

Non-Members Welcome

This very popular clinic is designed to prepare players for the upcoming basketball season. It focuses on many aspects of the game including: the basics of dribbling, passing, shooting and the responsibilities of a zone defense, allowing players to remain engaged and challenged. This is a great way for new players to be introduced to the game, while also challenging more experienced players with strategic concepts applied during play. Warm ups, drills, practice and games make this a must try!

Indoor Soccer Clinic

5 – 9 Years Old

Non-Members Welcome

Looking to prepare for the upcoming season? Learn the rules and strategies of indoor play, while fine tuning your skills! All levels welcome. This is a great lead-up to our popular league in the fall and winter months.


6-12 Years Old

Non-Members Welcome

Parkour is a sport using movement developed from obstacle course training. Participants will have a blast climbing, swinging, jumping, and rolling as they navigate through, over and under equipment in a safe, fun environment.

Holiday Break Sports Camp

6-12 Year Olds

2:00-4:00 p.m.
Basketball Clinic

Thursday – December 27 

Spend time working on your skills and executing some fun drills, leading up to a tournament of champions competition.

Ninja Warrior Training Camp

Friday – December 28
Practice mastering our warrior course and compete to be the YMCA’s ultimate ninja warrior!


Pack a snack for each day. Non-members welcome. $25/$40* per day.

*Member/Non-member fee

Registration deadline is December 21!