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Adult Aquatics

Our 25-yard, 6-lane pool provides a great venue to meet your exercise needs. Almost anything you can do on land can be done in the water – aerobic conditioning, strength training, weight loss, and increased flexibility.

Swimming is good for your heart and is low impact, no stress or strain on your joints. Plus, using all of your body’s muscle sets, a good workout can be done in less than thirty minutes. All abilities can benefit from water exercise, whatever age or fitness level because you are in control of your movements. We have many programs available to teach or improve your swimming and fitness skills in the water.

Learning, Training & Competing

Adult Swim Lessons

Want to learn to swim with your face in the water or just improve your form? Each participant sets goals and works with instructors to achieve them. Students are grouped according to their abilities on the first day of lessons. It’s never too late to learn!

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Trying to improve the swim portion of your triathlon? Whether sprint or Ironman distances, our swim coaches will help provide you with the drills, stroke technique and confidence to improve the first leg of your race.

*Should be able to swim 200 yards.
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Aqua Exercise

Arthritis Water Exercise

This class is designed for people with arthritis or those with limited range of motion. Our trained instructor guides participants through gentle actions in the water that can help decrease pain and stiffness. Class is free for members but registration is necessary.

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Water Exercise – Fridays 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Exercises done in the pool puts less stress on your joints. This enjoyable and fun class works in both shallow and deep ends but you do not need to know how to swim to participate. Flotation devices are provided. Class is free for members, no registration, just come!