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Pool Policies

The Lakeland Hills Family YMCA's Pool Policies help ensure that everyone, no matter what age, is provided with a safe environment while participating in our swimming programs.

  • All swimmers must take a shower prior to swimming – this will be strictly enforced by lifeguards
  • Everyone with hair shoulder length or longer must wear a bathing cap or have hair securely tied up
  • Pool toys from home are allowed at the lifeguard discretion (no inflatable devices)
  • Anyone wishing to swim in the deep must pass a swim test (swim the length of the pool on their stomach without stopping, treading water for a minute, swim the length of the pool on their back.)
  • Jumping is only permitted in designated areas which are marked by cones.
  • No kickboards or fins are allowed in the Recreation Swim Areas
  • Children in bubbles or other floatation devices are to remain in the shallow end of the pool with an adult (18 years) always
  • The diving board will be opened at the lifeguard’s discretion to maintain the safety of all patrons
  • Lifeguard has final word for maintaining pool safety.
  • Please be aware that children must use their gender identifying bathrooms after kindergarten age.
  • For those who need strollers, we encourage the use of “umbrella” type strollers while inside the Y, especially in the locker room where space is limited.

Drop-In Swim Designations

Open to all full privilege members (and guests) who are at least 15 years old. Lanes are designated for speed, so please enter from the shallow end in the appropriate lane and let others know that you will be joining them. Please be considerate of others. See our Etiquette Policy on the pool deck.

Open to all full-privilege members & guests. Children under the age of 7 and any non-swimmer(including anyone wearing a bubble) must be within arm’s length of an adult member(18 & older) in the water. Children ages 7-11 who do not use a bubble must be supervised by an adult from the water or the balcony. No lap swimming is allowed, and no inflatable devices are allowed in the water. Bubbles are available on the pool deck.

Open to all full-privilege members & guests 19 years of age and older. Lane etiquette applies.

Lap swimming for children ages 11 & under with their parents wishing to swim laps together. Children must be accompanied by an adult (18 & older) in the water and must not require use of a bubble. Lane etiquette applies.

Open to all full privilege members (and guests) who are 12-15 years of age. All swimmers must swim continuous laps.