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Backyard Pool Swim Lessons

This program brings the Y's trained swimming instructors to the convenience of your own backyard pool for uniquely tailored swim lessons.

This summer program (May-August) consists of 30-minute lessons for up to four swimmers (same age and ability).  Lesson times are between 9 a.m. and Noon, and 4-7 p.m. weekdays only. Swim instruction is customized to meet the needs and goals of participant or group as a whole. Choose from three packages to fit your summer schedule! Questions? Contact Bridget Knodel.

Backyard Pool Swim Lesson Requirements:

A parent/guardian must be present at poolside for the duration of the lesson.

Lessons take place in your own home pool. If you do not have a home pool, you may wish to partner with someone who does. Pool must be clean and chemically balanced. If instructor feels the pool is not safe to hold the lesson, they have the right not to hold the lesson until any safety concern is corrected.

Children must be at least 3 (and potty trained) through 14 years of age. Group lesson participants (limit 4) must be of similar age and abilities. For more than four children, back-to-back lessons can be scheduled. To inquire about adult backyard pool swim lessons contact Aquatics Director, Ed Soder.

Pool owners must have home insurance covering the pool. A copy of the home insurance must be sent to the Lakeland Hills Family YMCA before a lesson package can be scheduled.

Backyard Pool Swim Lesson Packages:

4 Lessons Over 1 Week Span

The 1-week package of backyard pool swim lessons includes 4 lessons that will be completed in a one week session, Monday through Thursday with a rain makeup date available on Friday.

Session Dates:

  • June 13th – June 17th
  • June 20th – June 24th
  • June 27th – July 1st
  • July 11th – July 15th
  • July 18th – July 22nd
  • July 25th – July 29th
  • August 1st – August 5th
  • August 8th – August 12th
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6 Lessons Over 4 Week Span

The 4-week package of backyard pool swim lessons includes 6 lessons, twice per week, (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) over a three week span, with the 4th week available for a rain makeup.

Session Dates:

  • June 13th – July 8th
  • July 18th – August 12th
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6 Lessons Over 8 Week Span

The 8-week package of backyard pool swim lessons includes 6 lessons, once per week over an eight week span, with 7th and 8th week available for a rain makeup. Let us know what days and times work for you!

Session Dates:

  • June 13th-August 5th
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