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Once only available to Kids Club After School program participants, we are pleased to announce that Vacation Camp is now available to all school-age students in the local area, including non-members.

Vacation Camp is held at The Community Church* in Mountain Lakes and offers full day coverage, 8:00AM – 5:00PM, for the scheduled days off found on the calendars of the schools we serve with our Kids Club Afterschool Program.

While Kids Club participants have priority registration, Vacation Camp is also open to non-Kids Club participants, from any school, with a delayed registration.

Each day is built around a Theme and mornings are filled with Specialties such as sports and games, table games, craft projects, and more. The most popular features of the morning rotations are the cooking lessons and our inflatable GA-GA pit. Afternoon Recreational Time provides opportunities to meet new friends. And, as the day winds down, children can choose an area of interest in Elective Time.

Registration opens on September 1 for Kids Club participants and as noted for all others. All vacation camps must have at least 25 participants minimum in order to run.

*December holiday vacation camp is held at the YMCA.


$50 per day for current Y Members

$75 per day for all non-Y members